Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore would like to welcome you to the new Talladega County Sheriff’s Office website.

Mission Statement

Sheriff Jimmy KilgoreThe Talladega County Sheriff’s Office consistently and with uniformity strives to maintain social order and provide professional law enforcement services to the citizens of Talladega County, within prescribed ethical, budgetary, and constitutional constraints. This agency strives to enforce the law and maintain order in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing the need for justice, and the consistent appearance of justice. The Talladega County Sheriff’s Office recognizes that no law enforcement agency can operate at its maximum potential without supportive input from the citizens it serves. This agency actively solicits and encourages the cooperation of all citizens to reduce and limit the opportunities for crime and to assist in brining to justice those that violate the law.

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Message From The Sheriff

Fellow citizens I don’t have to tell you that these are troubling times that we are living in today. On September 11th, 2001, our lives as Americans changed forever after terrorists attacked our homeland. Today, your law enforcement officers are no longer just concerned with public service and combating drugs and criminal activity, we must now train and prepare for the ever present  threats of acts of terrorism, both foreign and domestic. As horrible as it seems, we must prepare for the unthinkable, while continuing to provide public service and protection to you the citizen whom we so proudly serve. As your Sheriff, I took an oath to support the constitution (as do all law enforcement officers) and to discharge the duties of this office to the best of my ability. I, and all of the men and women serving with me, take this oath very seriously and strive to do our best to help make our county a safer place to live, work and play. We are met in this endeavor with constant challenges on a daily basis, and we cannot do it alone. It takes everyone, partnering together, being concerned and communicating with law enforcement in order to accomplish this goal.

Government’s primary duty, at every level, is the protection of it’s people. In my opinion, our current administration in Washington is failing miserably in this regard. Their administration wants gun control, so then only the criminals would have them. Thus we must all make efforts to enhance our safety, both law enforcement and citizens alike. We can do this, as mentioned above, by working together and remaining vigilant. As your Sheriff, I support and will defend your Second Amendment Rights. I encourage any law abiding citizen who wishes to do so to maintain a firearm, to carry it and store it responsibly and in accordance with applicable laws. I would encourage you to become proficient with it’s use to promote utmost safety and so that should you need it to defend yourself or your loved ones you will be prepared to properly do so. Remember, as much as we try and would like, our deputies and officers cannot be everywhere all the time. The reality is that calling 911 and waiting on law enforcement to arrive is simply not enough anymore. You may have to defend yourself until we get there. For this reason, our firearms instructors will be conducting more Citizens Firearms Safety Courses soon. I hope if you are a new or inexperienced firearms owner, you will take advantage of this free program. Remember, there is no greater importance than the safety of our loved ones.

I and the staff at your Sheriff’s Office want to wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore